What Attendees will Learn at this Seminar:

Unravel the intricacies of early-onset dementia, movement disorders, and balance disorders in this comprehensive two-day seminar. Gain in-depth knowledge about the various facets of these conditions, from understanding the early signs to exploring cutting-edge research. We take a deep dive into what defines early onset dementia and understand the profound impacts it has on both the individual and their surrounding loved ones.

  • Introduction to Early Onset Dementia:

  • Common Types of Early Onset Dementia:

  • Recognizing Early Signs and Symptoms:

  • Diagnostic Process

  • Treatment Options

  • Ongoing Research and Future Directions:

Special Bonus Section: In-Depth Case Studies and More!

In addition to the core modules of our seminar, we're excited to offer an exclusive bonus section, dedicated to providing attendees with practical insights and a closer look at real-world scenarios.

  • Real-life Case Studies:

    Dive deep into three comprehensive case studies that shed light on the practical application and importance of the concepts discussed in the seminar. We exam al the Cyrex Testing (Metabolic Care),and understand their applications in clinical settings. LINX & SIBO:

  • Liver Detoxification Demystified:

    The liver plays a pivotal role in detoxification, essential for maintaining optimal health. In this section, you'll unravel: Phase 1 Detox Pathway: Grasp the core components and functionalities of the Phase 1 liver detoxification pathway. Phase 2 Detox Pathway: Dive deeper into the Phase 2 liver detoxification pathway and understand its significance in holistic health.

  • And the best part?

    We'll be breaking down these intricate processes and concepts into plain English, ensuring that all attendees, irrespective of their background, can follow along and gain maximum value.

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    Welcome to Welcome! Early Detection & Correction: Movement Disorder, Balance Disorder & Cognitive Decline

    • Welcome! Early Detection & Correction: Movement Disorder, Balance Disorder & Cognitive Decline

    • Power Point Presentation Download -Early Detection & Correction: Movement Disorder, Balance Disorders and Cognitive Decline

  • 2

    Day One May 17th 2024

    • May 17th Video One

    • May 17th Video Two

    • May 17th Video Three

    • May 17th Video Four

  • 3

    Day Two May 18th 2024

    • May 18th Video One

    • May 18th VideoTwo

    • May 18th Video Three

    • May 18th Video Four

  • 4

    Bonus Training Videos Early Detection and Optimization of Dementia

    • Introduction & Dinner Talk Breakdown - 7 Types of Patients

    • An In-Depth Exploration of the Seven Stages of Alzheimer's: Unraveling the Progression of the Disease

    • Live Presentation of "Code Breaker Dinner Talk"

    • Code Breaker PowerPoint File

    • Code Breaker PowerPoint Version Two

  • 5

    Bonus Training Videos Movement Disorders

    • Addressing Underlying Issues, Moving Beyond Reductionism, and Overcoming the "Blinky Light Syndrome" with Patient-Centered Approach

    • Decoding Movement Disorders: Recognition and Action

    • Essential Equipment Recommendations, Eye Movements, and Exercises for Patient Rehab

    • Basic Concepts of Movement Disorders

  • 6

    Bonus Training Videos Neurological Pathways & Report of Findings

    • Neurological Pathways & Report of Findings

  • 7

    Bonus Training Videos Classifications of Movement Disorders

    • Classifications of movement disorders, what pathways are presynaptic, postsynaptic and blood supply to basal ganglion

    • Anatomy of the Basal Ganglion

    • Anatomy of the Mesencephalon and the Substantia Nigra

    • Anatomy of the Mesencephalon and the Substantia Nigra (Continue)

    • Anatomy of Cerebellum & it’s connection to Basal Ganglion through the ventral lateral nucleus of the Thalamus & Pedunculopontine Nucleus

    • Orbital Frontal Loop, Medial Prefrontal Loop, Dorsolateral Prefrontal Loop, Limbic Loop, Saccadic Loop all fire through Basal Ganglion. How do these areas present when a patient has a functional lesion in each area

  • 8

    Bonus Training Videos Metabolic and Gut Function

    • Recap most important points from yesterday. What to test for metabolically and neurologically when addressing movement disorders.

    • Gut Function and how it impact the Basal Ganglion and movement disorders .

    • “We Save Brian’s” Free Educational Seminar

    • Neurological exam, Right eye evaluation, Brain map evaluation, gluten, leak gut and iron hypotheses with Parkinsonism. Live Phase one and Phase two bio transformation pathways.

    • Neurometabolic Care for movement disorder

  • 10

    Course Exam

    • AFNC - Module #3 Course Exam

About the instructor

Chiropractic Physician

Andy Barlow, DC

Dr. Andy Barlow, DC, is a distinguished figure in the realm of health and wellness, renowned for his transformative approaches and innovative methodologies. A 3x time bestselling author and a respected Graduate of the Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology as well as the American College of Functional Neurology, Dr. Barlow has dedicated his career to advancing the understanding and practice of functional neurology. As the founder of the Barlow Brain and Body Institute, he has made significant contributions to the field, influencing both public and professional spheres. His expertise and insights have led him to be featured on various news outlets and honored as a speaker for a TedX Talk, highlighting his thought leadership and commitment to spreading knowledge. In addition to his hands-on work with patients, Dr. Barlow plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of his industry by serving on several boards of advisors. His work not only reflects his deep knowledge and skill but also his passion for empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and vitality. Dr. Barlow's influence extends beyond the treatment room, inspiring a wider audience to embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness. He has been teaching for over 13 years, and Founded the Barlow Brain & Body Institute in 2021, so he can equip doctors with knowledge and tools they need to handle challenging, and often hopeless cases. He loves when doctors in his program have success with helping patients get their lives back.